[Image] This Life Is a Maze
this life is a maze

Welcome to the maze / You may proceed to the left or to the right / Either way, you will not get out / Don't consider to go backward / Follow your heart and move forward / If you have doubts, you will be lost / Not that it makes any difference.

Yes, what a load of junk. RAV came to us one day, handing this note that looked like it had been written by someone who got stoned on electro-wave and tried to write an inspired poetry.

"I got stoned on electro-wave and wrote this inspired poetry." he said smugly. "Pretty cool huh."

But anyway, this life really is a maze. Let us tell you a fable about these two mice in the maze. The first one, Richy the mouse, was born close to the exit. His paths were straight and easy. There were a lot of mice guiding him on which path to take. He found the exit easily but it was a shallow experience of life. Poory, the second mouse, was born far in the wildest junction of the maze. His paths were zigzagged and tricky, he met a lot of dead end and starved along the way. He struggled hard and finally made to the exit. It was very tough, but he experienced a full gratifying life.

So, moral of the story? It's much better to be born rich than be born poor. Who wants a full life if you can have an easy one.

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