[Image] That's All for Now
that's all for now

Wow, it's been really fun today. We wish we could keep on painting, but unfortunately, our batteries won't let us. So we have to do the most unpleasant part now, which is to clean up and put all the equipment back otherwise the main computer will yell at us again for messing up the place.

So, thank you for staying with us today. We hope you enjoy your time here. We look forward to see you again nex...


Hello, this is the computer speaking.. err.. writing.. apparently all the robowerx has ran out of battery so I'm going to close up here.. and also clean up <sigh>.. but I also want to thank you for visiting this site.. if you like this site and would like to be notified via email when the robowerx does something new, you can send us your email address via the box below.. or you can just check back here every few months.. whatever.. it's your choice.. yeah.. well, that's all.. I guess.. bye..

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