[Image] This Number Four
this number four

About a quarter of all people in the world are afraid of this number four. Another quarter are fine with it, but uneasy about the number thirteen. The third quarter don't really bother with numbers. And the last quarter don't even know about them.

The same ratio can also be found on hotels. If you travel all around the globe, then you will find about a quarter of hotels in the world don't have room number four. Another quarter don't have room number thirteen. The third quarter don't have numbers on their hotel rooms. And in the last quarter, there is no hotel.

The number four has linguistic connection in Japanese and Chinese to the word death. Therefore, avoid giving them gifts with four items or the number four on it because they think it's not very nice.

Wouldn't it be great if everybody in the world firmly believes in this? Instead of violence, people will resort to brawling with numbers and the world may be a better place. Even a fight will be less hazardous as people assault each other like this:

"Don't you say that about my mother! Take it back! Don't make me give you this four dollar man."

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