[IMAGE] Introducing VT
introducing the robowerx

Being a robotic bug, VT is predetermined to like flowers. Once we asked him why does a male bug like flowers. Isn't liking flowers supposed to be a female thing?

To which he replied, "I'm not a bug, I'm a beetle! It's different!" he said irritably. "And no, it is not a female thing. It's a species thing. Some beetles love flowers, some loathe them, and some don't even know about them. By the way, do you know that a quarter of all species in the world are beetles?"

And that is true. VT has this habit of throwing facts about beetles from time to time. He obviously is quite proud of being a part of the enormous beetle family. He even believed that the world is actually intended for beetles.

"Yes, seriously" he said, "For the beetles!"

"Just think about it. We exist in more places than any animals in the world. For every kind of plants, there are always fellow beetles that relish them. And if we were not so strong about our philosophical belief that we should appreciate the living souls of other animals, we would eat them too.

We just didn't see it coming that being a vegetarian would be our downfall. By the way, do you know a rhinoceros beetle can carry an object more than 800 times it's on weight? Imagine that, 800 times! That is like a human carrying a truck. Don't sense the immensity? Imagine carrying 800 brides into your new home then. Yep, that's how much he can carry."