[IMAGE] Now That We've Met

Great! Now that you have met us all, let's get on with our painting. This first piece, we called it Composition.  A big word Composition is. Especially in arts. Everybody talks of it all the time, and most people are actually perplexed about it. Two people could went to an exhibition and had this conversation:

"Wow, great composition!" / "Really? Why?" / "Well, it's just great. I mean the shapes are well balanced, not too symetrical cause that might make the whole seems boring. And it forms a somewhat radial structure if you notice." / "Really? What about this one?" / "Wow, another great composition too!" / "Really? But it's not balanced at all, it's all chaotic and seems like his cat joined in and did most of the painting with its paw." / "No, no, this is actually really good. You see there are certain rules in composition, like where you would put the focal point, how the elements would relate to each other and so on." / "Really? What's the rule on this one then?" / "No actually this one break the rules, that's why it's so good." / "Really? I think I'll just go home now"

Yep, two artists could exercise two contradicting composition theory and still create great artworks. So, after a few hours of debating ourselves, we decided to simply ignore it and just set to make lovely paintings. Even if it is not right. Cause we'd rather be lovely than right anytime.

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