[IMAGE] Introducing TON
introducing the robowerx

TON wishes he was an orc.

Yep, he is a computer game addict. He spend plenty of time in front of the screen being an orc. If we tried talk to him while he was holding a game controller in his hand, he would normally replied, "Muaarghh! Wraaoo grrorr brremmgg!" with a furious expression. Which probably means, "Hello there! What a nice weather today!"

"Would be really cool if I was one" said TON, "I'd be green and big and I'd whack people around with my club."

We ask him once, "Why an orc? Why not pick a more agreeable character?"

And to which he replied, "Well, the orc is the happiest of all races. Our mind is simple, we only care about two things, which are "When do we eat?" and "Who are we gonna whack?". Well maybe three when the mating season comes. But we don't have to worry about a lot of nonsense like honor, beauty or personal hygiene.

Who cares about debts and taxes if you're an orc. Anyone comes to collect, just whack 'em. You encounter on the forest a beautiful elf with skin so silky and fair, and eyes so blue and bright, just whack her. You come across a god granting power and fortune to those he favored, also just whack him. You meet a wise old man with wisdom and knowledge of the world to share, well, you know what to do."

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