[IMAGE] Introducing RAV
introducing the robowerx

RAV loves movies. Not just as entertainment like most people who would claim, "Hi, I'm Erika, I listened to boybands and I LOOOVES movies." No, definitely not like that. He appreciate movies beyond just entertainment.

When asked what type of movies does he like, he always answered "I have no type. I like them all." And he really does like them all. All kind of them. From Kurosawa's Japanese Classics, to spaghetti westerns, to thriller movies with monster and disaster in them, to horror movies with a bunch of teens got killed in them, to modern action movies with comic super heroes in them, to a lot of chinese movies with a lot of people flying in them, all the way to the latest science fiction trilogy of animated humans, he contently watched them all.

He even watched cybernautics porn occasionally.

RAV's personal favorite is Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Eventhough he usually overheated trying to interpret the 10 minutes of psychedelic visual effect near the end of the movie. Still it's always a great experience for him.

A lot of times RAV's experience did not end with the credits rolling. Like one time when he finished watching the first Matrix, he was dazed by it. He stayed up all night wondering, "What if we're too, not real. What if we're actually just virtual characters created by a confused designer and we only reside on computers?"

And we had to comfort him "Come on dude, no way that's possible. It is just a movie."

Yeah, what a freak.

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