[IMAGE] Introducing PU
introducing the robowerx

PU is so cute and small that DEX used to double-taped him to the dashboard and made him yell funny noises everytime the car hit a bump. The girls loved that, they were all fascinated and then said, "Aaaww, that is like so cuuutee.." and then begged, "make him yell again!" and then they tied pretty pink ribbon on PU. And then PU pretended to hate it.

No, actually PU did hate the ribbon, but he quite enjoyed all the girls adoration on him.

PU likes having such a compact body. "Well, small is beautiful." he said, " All the best things come in small packages you know," he added, "also by being small I can run a lot faster. It's always useful especially when you are chased by mall security."

Having such small hands is also useful for another PU's hobby, which is origami. With his little fingers he can easily fold the paper into a small and detailed shape.

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