[IMAGE] Introducing GO
introducing the robowerx

JO is the kind of person you'd hate in school for being the first one to answer a pop quiz everytime.

Maybe it was our jealousy for not having a brain as intelligent as his is, or maybe it was just his annoying habit for demand-
ing a pop quiz everytime a teacher came in. But be that as it may, JO surely is one useful robo to have around.

Some would assume that JO was designed with the newest, cutting edge, forward-thinking processor for his brain. Well, some would be wrong. His advanced brainpower is due to the fact that thinking is actually his hobby.

So he's not really that smart, he just likes to think.

While most of us didn't even think before doing things which we regretted later on, JO really did think twice before doing things which he regretted later on. Not because his thought was wrong, of course. Because he also did think that he was gonna regret that later on. He just thought that it was still a good idea.

Another JO's unusual hobby is cookery. He likes to cook and invent new recipe. While that may not be an unusual hobby for you, it is quite peculiar for us robos. None of us can taste his cooking because we're not designed to process organic food. So he brought in Frans, our creator, for his culinary experiment. And it seems like JO is getting better too, because Frans didn't throw up or rush to the bathroom as much lately.

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