[IMAGE] Introducing GO
introducing the robowerx

GO used to be a military unit. That is why, compared to the rest of us, he is unusually big and unusually strong. During one break of war, on which he won a medal for being the first one to went out, GO experienced one of those self-contemplation about the birds and the bees, and the reason behind them all. He had been requestioning his purpose in life ever since.

Finally, on one fateful day, as he made his bed he decided to made his mind up as well and chose to take off his heavy armor suits, left everything behind and became a mall security instead.

Unfortunately things were not going as he thought it might went. In fact things were not going anywhere at all. So as GO went nowhere on his corner of the mall, he made another revolutionary career decision and that was to become a delivery boy. "At least I'll go somewhere." he sighed optimistically to himself.

And went everywhere he did, from doors to doors and sometimes windows. Until he came to another point in his life to look back and thought that going everywhere is still not exactly going somewhere.

So while GO pondered about the next revolutionary career decision he was going to choose, he came to our door delivering chewing gum during one session of ghostwatching. He had been here a few times already so he was comfortable enough to make one of those delivery boy's small talk routine.

"Wassup guys, what are you doing today?" he asked.

"Nothing," we answered, "just sitting around watching some ghosts."

"Ghosts?" he asked bewilderedly, "Don't you guys ever want to go somewhere in life?"

"Like where?" we asked.

"I don't know," he answered unsurely, "somewhere.."

"Well, we don't think it beats ghostwatching," we said, "Come, sit here and watch them with us. And don't step on that gum, it will get stuck on your shoes!"

He's been with us ever since. Going nowhere.

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