[IMAGE] Introducing FLO
introducing the robowerx

Everytime someone takes our picture, FLO always comes rushing to the front. We thought she really loves to get her picture taken. But then later, she always hates the pictures and claims that she never looks good on camera, so we're actually not really sure about her general opinion on being photographed.

One thing we're definitely sure about is soap. Soap bars, not the powdery ones, not the liquid ones, and also not the ones you would see on TV, where the girls are so wicked and lovely, and their boyfriends always cried because the girls slept around with other guys which they found out in later episode to be their brothers they never knew.

Anyway, back to soap bars, FLO's general opinion on them is that she likes them. In fact she likes them so much that she must have a dozen boxes of them everytime we went to the supermarket.

FLO never actually use the soaps as they were intended to be used. Such as to help water clean dirty skins and make you not only feel good but also look good and smell good. Instead, she picks one bar every week, cuts it into seven pieces, and each day she carves one into cute, little figurine which is not only colorful but also looks good and smells good.

Then she puts it on display and calls it soap du jour.

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