[IMAGE] Introducing CIP
introducing the robowerx

CIP is the only one of us who knows how to fly. "The greatest thing about flying is," he always brags quietly, "that you don't have to worry about getting some chewing gum stuck on your shoes."

And that is true. Although not equipped with a pair of hands to polish his shoes, all seven pairs of CIP's shoes are spankingly clean. 

CIP is also the only one of us who has a high resolution light sensor with ultra-zoom lens for his eye. "And the greatest thing about having one eye is," he also always brags quietly, "that you don't have to worry about people misinterpreting your wink."

Being an early bird, every morning CIP wakes up way before any of us do. He watches the sun as it gloriously cracks the dawn, basks briskly in its light and then takes an early nap.

This healthy habit has kept him in perfectly good shape, which is perfectly round.

CIP enjoys taking snapshots with his ultra-zoomed eye. He had gigabytes of them stored neatly in his disk. His favorite objects are faces. All kinds of faces; animals, humans, and robots. Most of them are usually wearing an irritated expression like we would normally have when a stranger suddenly turns up in front of us and takes a close-up snapshot of our hair nose.

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