[IMAGE] Introducing BO
introducing the robowerx

Let's start with BO. Now, mostly those who went out first are the bravest soldier on the break of war, or the smartest student on a pop quiz, or the fastest runner chased by mall security.

Well we can proudly say that BO is clearly not any of them.

So, why introduce BO as the first one then? The answer is simply because we do this alphabetically. Anyway, what BO lacks in bravery, he certainly makes it up in cowardice. You've probably heard about some scaredy-cats who are afraid of their own shadows, but in BO's case, even his own shadow is afraid of itself.

That is unless he gets angry, of course. Because once BO gets angry, he suddenly becomes one of those nice guys who just want to shut down everybody and then stuck chewing gum on their hair. You wouldn't want to mess with him.

But apart from that, BO really is a great robo to hang around with. His outgoing and sociable personality will remind you of those nice guys who just want to amuse everybody and then send them occasional small gifts such as chewing gum or hairbrush.

BO also love music, he took a guitar lesson but unfortunately his chubby fingers prevent him from plucking the right strings.

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