[IMAGE] Our Next-Gen Painting Tools
our next-gen painting tools

Being a nature lover and all its lovely inhabitants such as birds and ghosts, we want to help save more trees by not using ordinary pencil, brush and paper. That's why we helped co-inventing this specially designed, 100% synthetic, electric painting tools.

Well, actually our creator did all the hard work, we just helped motivating him, you know, like cheering him and screaming "No! No!! NOO!!! That's not right! We can't use that!! What are you, stupid?".

Yea, we're quite some motivational speakers.

But before we start, allow us to introduce ourselves for there was once a wise man who said, "Everything in this world, either living or inanimate, becomes more signified once given a name.  Pick up a rock and call it Butch, then it becomes special because, hey, it's Butch. The rest are just rocks."

"Therefore," he added, "always inquire each other's name when you meet someone for the first time. For it is the very basic courtesy, it will make a much more welcoming atmo-
sphere and will lead to a much more pleasant interaction."

Sadly no one remember what his name was.

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